Contribution to the Local Economy

The theatre and film industry is a growing creator of employment in the Western Cape. Employment in theatre, in the main, will remain a serious obstacle to the disadvantaged communities because of the high cost of tuition demanded by theatre schools. Having the necessary training provided by theatre schools does not necessary guarantee work in this demanding and competitive industry.

There is a great need for growing the film and theatre industry with competent and skilled performers particularly from the previously disadvantaged populace.

The ITMSA has developed a training and business model based on the directors’ active and direct experience, expertise and intimate knowledge of what works in the theatre industry. The model primarily focuses on carefully capacitating students at an affordable fee, through its rigorous competency based selection process, ensuring transfer of training and therefore optimising the student’s chances of obtaining work in the theatre industry. The ITMSA believes it will fulfil its mandate and create more employment opportunities for its students particularly in the Western Cape and South Africa in general.