Core Values

1.0 We are committed to constantly challenge an oppressive, exclusive, apathetic lack of cultural sensitivity as well as the legacy of a victim mentality still pervasive within our theatre communities and aim to vigorously promote an inclusive environment of equity for all in the theatre industry.

2.0 Our Customers

2.1 We believe our first responsibility is to our most valuable resource, our students. We will strive to enhance, uplift and continuously improve the quality of our offerings to address the needs of our students and to always serve them.

2.2 We will strive to instil a rejuvenated sense of self empowerment through the initiation of best practices in the global theatre industry.

3.0 Our service

3.1 We will at all times provide service excellence to all who engage with us.

3.2 We will rigorously engage in developing a new generation of independent indigenous world class directors, actors and writers who are committed to the preservation of our heritage and who are:

  • geared towards a deeper understanding of our diverse theatrical landscape

  • and able to express the diverse experience and identities of South Africa.

4.0  Our philosophy

4.1  We believe that the nurturing and development of people to be a worthy goal.

4.2  We will always conduct our business with integrity, transparency, trust, respect, responsiveness, reliability and professional competence.

4.3  We are committed through our art to promote nation building.