Service Scope

The ITMSA comprises five distinct but integrated departments.

1. The Drama School

The Drama School was set up to provide students who have week day commitments to enter the world of theatre. A unique training model was developed to fast track and capacitate these students with the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully compete for theatre and film work. The school focuses on classical and contemporary genre encompassing its various disciplines.

Students enrolled for the school are subjected to a rigorous auditioning and selection process which ensure that they are committed to the process, that their financial contribution is well invested and that they enjoy a reasonable chance of success in what is a very difficult and competitive industry. Our successes in this regard have been most encouraging so far.

Students who successfully complete their first year are invited to join the second year school where they are guided through a more intensive and advanced course.

The curriculum covers the following disciplines:

  • Acting

  • Voice training for acting

  • Movement for stage acting

  • Life skills

  • Stunt basics

  • Introduction to acting for camera

  • Writing for stage

  • Marketing Skills

  • Puppetry

  • Proposal and script preparation

  • Textual analysis and dramatic theory

The course is divided into a series of blocks which focus on Shakespeare, indigenous South African drama, creative writing and the development of original scripts which students perform. Students prepare audition selections for year end examinations which are adjudicated by a panel of external examiners comprising leading professionals in the South African theatre industry. These auditions are also attended by leading Cape Town agents.

2. The Professional Theatre Department

This is the professional wing of the organisation which not only produces and showcases its own but also produces South Africa’s best theatre work.

3. International Department

This department is aimed at forging enduring and cohesive relationships with appropriate international like-minded bodies committed in the sharing and fulfilment of our mandate which is to initiate partnerships and exchanges with other like-minded academic institutions and professional theatre companies around the world. Through these initiatives the International Department will facilitate visits and exchanges from foreign artists and drama educators to participate in and contribute to the curriculum of the ITMSA.

4. Theatre and film Agency Department

This department is dedicated to assist its present and past students in obtaining theatre and film work

5. Outreach Programme

This department is dedicated to provide outreach activities as a performing arts institution in both urban and rural communities in the Western Cape. This involves:

  • Engaging with community based organisations or schools to conduct structured drama workshops with young learners

  • Conducting regular excursions through the drama school to bring theatre to the people.

The ITMSA is currently involved in two outreach programmes mainly:

  • The Young in Prison initiative where young inmates from Bonny Toun are exposed to Shakespearean drama.

  • In collaboration with a group of scholars who are in the process of showcasing a play.